An email from a client stated: "On an even happier note, (she was now driving again following panic attacks in her car), I have come full circle. I originally planned to go to Virginia Commonwealth University to the School of the Arts many many moons ago. A fiance' changed those plans and I stayed here in town and raised my family, divorced, continued in the jobs I had along the way prior to losing my job due to the recession. So, now, I am establishing myself as an artist again, working on my creations, and making money at it, going to festivals, and selling my work to galleries and craft stores. The computer classes I took to find a job are being used to create a Facebook page for people to see and purchase my work and I should have a website in the very near future. Best part of all....I LOVE IT and I LOVE LIFE again. As I sit here, I could not be happier.!!!!!

Linda Cash helped me through some of the worst days of my life. I could not breathe or think due to circumstances that I thought I could not possibly bear. With a few sessions, I was back in control of my life with confidence though the painful circumstances continued on. I learned to leave with a plan of action after each session that got me through my fear and anxiety; then, in time, I was able to move forward on my own knowing these events only made me stronger.

With Linda Cash's help, my wife and I were able to reconcile our marriage and move forth with renewed hope and consideration for one another. We did not realize how we were only adding to the problems with our behaviors toward one another until we became conscious of our own contributions to the problems. We are happier than ever and thank Linda for her assistance in getting to that point.
John and Becky

Our teenager began to have problems at school leaving us feeling helpless and confused. After having been an excellent student previously, we were concerned about the future. Linda helped us devise a plan holding our child responsible for schoolwork prior to receiving any privileges on weekends alleviating the stress in our family and bringing academic achievement back to the forefront.
Betty and Frank

Our son flunked out of his freshman year and was floundering in life. Through counseling with him and our family, we devised a contract with specific goals for him to reach as designed by all of us and he is now enrolling again in school with a much better focus and plan for his life. The simple contract took away the bickering and badgering we were experiencing that was only making matters worse.
John and Polly

Linda's acceptance of gayness and her knowledge of resources settling the Biblical issues in a positive way for us helped us overcome the knowledge of a family member who came out of the closet as gay. We did not realize the Bible has been used against various groups of people such as Jewish people, African Americans, women and, now, homosexuals in unloving and inappropriate ways. We now see the Bible as a total book suggesting we all love one another regardless of differences. "Love God with all your heart soul and might and your neighbor, (everyone in the world) as yourself,"  sums up the teachings of Jesus.
Beth and Robert

When a family member was diagnosed with a disease that was debilitating and incurable, we thought we would lose our minds. We learned to embrace the pain and attend to our loved one while coming to accept that life is not always fair. We also learned that we could be great support to one another and to our loved one through this time of stress and loss. As caretaker to this day of my loved one, Linda's kind guidance in helping me accept what I cannot change has helped me love my wife through her illness helping us both through several years of loss of health over time; yet a life of love and fellowship.
Herman and Laura

Seeing evidence of drug use in our teenager's room, we sought help from Linda and learned ways to confront our daughter with consequences of her choices. Over a period of several months, Linda's support helped us maintain our marriage and love our daughter through these difficult times.
Barbara and Alan

As a 45 year old woman, my domineering mother continued to guilt trip me into her agenda and attempt to decorate, clean, and organize my own home? Linda gave me the tools to resolve this conflict within myself and then with my mother in ways that allowed us to have better boundaries and a more loving mother/daughter relationship.


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